How to Implementation of Open Nebula?

How to Implementation of Open Nebula?



Step1:- Open the Open Nebula tool.


Step 2:- click on new and create new virtual machine.

Step 3:- Set memory size to 768MB.

Step 4:- Select Use an existing Virtual hard disk file and browse the .iso image of OpenNebula and click on create.


Step 5:-Right click on the VM which is created and select setting then go to network advance the click on the port forwarding.

Step 6:- Click on (+) icon and set the host port to 9869 and guest port to 9869.Again click (+) icon and set the host port to29896 and guest port to 29896 and click.

Step 7:- Start the Open Nebula by Start Button.


Step 8:- Enter login name – root, and password- opennebula.

Step 9:- Open the browser and type


Step 10:- Enter username – one admin, password- opennebula.


Step 11:- After getting dashboard click on virtual resources the go to virtual machine and click on (+).


Step 12:-Create a new Virtual Machine by giving VM name and then click on Create.


Step:13:-  click on refresh button so that the status  change from pending to running.


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