Started with an aim of providing cheapest bandwidth on Indian servers. Bandwidth has always been expensive on Indian servers, let's change that.


Welcome to StackArc, your high class VPS service provider that you can rely on. We are a team of IT professionals that are heavily experienced! Our founders worked for multiple VPN providers for more than 8 years and we decided that we should put an end to the customer exploitation performed in India. We consider that the VPS hosting prices in India are a lot higher when compared to other countries. Thus, we created StackArc in order to offer VPS server services that are affordable, reliable and focused on quality.

Some of the main features provided by our company include a very good bandwidth, plans that are created with a very low cost in mind and a low latency. We maintain a very professional approach towards keeping only Indian servers and we deliver the best possible maintenance services that you might want. With our help, you will be able to boost your business to new heights.

Why get less for what you pay?

Our team delivers bandwidth at the cheapest rates on the market. This means you will be able to support more traffic and results will pay off immensely due to that reason alone. Moreover, a higher bandwidth means you get to offer a more appealing website design without having to worry about speeds and so on.

And since we want our clients to have the best hosting experience, all of our servers are located in the Central IT Park in Indore, which is one of the most highly coveted data centres in India. We are 100% committed to offering quality services to all of our clients. StackArc is also fully focused on customer safety, which is why we use the latest software solutions that enhance VPS server safety without any errors. If you want to work with a team of VPS experts that give you a very good uptime and low latency, we are here to help!

Transparency about our Indian server locations, lowest rates, highest bandwidth on INDIAN SERVERS.

Our main office is located in Mumbai, India and all of our employees have at least 8 years of experience in the industry. We are vetted professionals, focused on offering the best value to all clients and which work hard to ensure that you acquire the best satisfaction regardless of the situation.

Each high bandwidth VPS server is deployed instantly and we offer complete support at any given time via social media, chat, website, email and other mediums. We are here to stay and we will use our great VPS hosting experience to further improve and boost our services in order to suit the need of all clients. If you want to acquire an extraordinary experience, all while making the most out of your investment, you just have to contact our team.

Since we are providing a world class infrastructure and immediate access to a great Indian VPS server, you won’t have to worry about any problems. StackArc is here to help you and we will gladly assist your business as you try to grow and reach greatness! Get in touch with us and help us take your company or online business to the next level!

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