Most Powerful & Efficient KVM VPS

We aim to offer simply the most powerful VPS across all platforms and plans.
We achieve the performance that you demand by using KVM Virtualization on our VPS platform.
Your VPS will work and along with the hardware like it's made for it!


As we all know, KVM VPS is backed by RedHat Enterprise which is very well funded and best supported platform one can find.

High I/O Speed and no proxy architecture helps users get more out of the OS because the round-trip time is decreased.

The visibility of KVM is greater than other choices, as well. This is easily the best choice for VPS Hosting.

Server Location : India indian server USA : usa server

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NO Hidden Charges. NO Extra Taxes.
14-Day Money-back Guarantee


VPS That Works The Way You Do

  • Lower Cost!

    Wondering why the prices are so low for such an over performing VPS? Thanks to KVM. Less resource utilisation can be done for great performance saving overall cost!

  • Performance

    Top Notch Performance no matter what your hardware or specs are. You will always have speedy processing and better managed & KVM is known for that!

  • Effective Resources

    Your resources will be allotted to you as per your requirement. KVM provides high level of scalability and flexibility when it comes to resources.

  • Own Real Space

    Strong boundaries for a real VPS where your neighbour VPS will never interfere in your resources. Enjoy Individual resources allotted just to you, thanks to Linux KVM Virtualisation!

  • Flexible Software

    Rebuild your VPS in seconds! Change your OS in a minute! Monitor your resources in real time. A vast array of OS to install from centOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and many more!

  • Security

    Advanced security level of SELinux helps in providing the MAC security among the virtual machines. Winning awards for homeland security as well as govt. standards.

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